Company Profile

Family owned and operated since 1970

Founded in 1970, Haxton Masonry, INC. has always focused on commercial masonry construction. Today Haxton Masonry, INC. is capable of performing any type of masonry - industrial, institutional, commercial, residential or agricultural construction project, including brick work. With licenses in California and Arizona, HAXTON MASONRY, INC. enjoys working construction projects in both states. Our management is extremely knowledgeable with a combined of more than 50 years of experience and counting in the trade.

Quality Control

HAXTON MASONRY, INC. commitment to quality meets or exceeds UBC/ASTM specifications. The finest materials available are utilized and all work shall be under continuous inspection by each Foreman. Inspection and testing of materials are performed by a testing laboratory in accordance with the section set forth in the specifications. HAXTON MASONRY, INC. maintains the same material source throughout a project for congruity and consistency. The end result is a quality facility with an even finished appearance.


HAXTON MASONRY, INC. has developed a safety culture that treats regulations as a baseline. Safety has been integrated into daily business. HAXTON MASONRY, INC. believes safety is a state of mind. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and all are held accountable. That is why safety meetings are held weekly as a standard. Additionally, there is quarterly employee training. Safety is to be an integral part of each and every procedure. HAXTON MASONRY, INC. stands proud of its impeccable safety record.