Welcome to Haxton Masonry Inc.

We are Masonry and everything along with it!

HAXTON MASONRY, INC. maintains a good reputation and a high standing among its competitors. The officers of the company are hands-on, working directly with clients for a more personal working relationship, while maintaining cost conscience. The outcome is quality work at an affordable price. A firm commitment to excellence in work performance, business success and reputation let people know HAXTON MASONRY, INC. stands behind its work and is committed to customer satisfaction. HAXTON MASONRY, INC. also keeps current and in great standing with the Masonry Contractors Association of America, Arizona Masonry Contractors Association and the Arizona Masonry Guild.


HAXTON MASONRY, INC. takes its commitment to you and your building project seriously. It is this company’s ethos that one must work diligently and persistently incorporating the best in the trade to provide the highest degree of professional construction services possible to our contracts and customers. Making the most of all resources available with high quality, timely construction that is completed within the bid budget.

HAXTON MASONRY, INC. works as a team with the willingness to help, provide outstanding follow up support, and proficiency in the trade, creating an enhanced integrated construction effort. The result translates into earlier utilization of a completed quality facility. This steadfast commitment to cooperation, quality and excellence is fundamental.